Tour of Austin Day 1 – Grand Prix Loop.

Right off the bat, we’ll file this one under lessons learned.

Photo courtesy of Jim Hicks.

I’ll have to hand it to them, Elbowz showed exactly what it means to race as a team, putting on a clinic over the 3-day Tour of Austin. After the winning break went off, Elbowz took turns bridging up to the break while taking as few people as possible, or shutting down everybody that attempted to bridge up. Every bridge attempt was accompanied by one guy in a blue and white kit, and he sat 2nd wheel and cooked the would-be bridger. Nobody was willing to pull around, so the person off the front was effectively isolated…dead in the water. As soon as that person was done, the Elbow(?) would attack, bring the punchiest follower or two with them and then repeat the process as somebody else moved to the front of the chase group. Rinse and repeat. If they made it across, Elbowz gets a free ride and one more teammate in the front group, otherwise, no problem for them.

With 3 laps to go, I burned every match I had in an attempt to salvage my race, leaving Adrian alone to try to make his.  After our successful foray into teamwork on Thursday, we fell back into the usual pattern of wearing the same outfit while racing separate races.  In retrospect, and now that I have had a chance to really digest what was going on in the races, I realize that those matches would have been better served for the team. Lesson learned.

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